Since 1949, hydrographic and biological data of the California Current System have been collected on CalCOFI cruises. The 68+ year hydrographic time-series includes temperature, salinity, oxygen and phosphate observations. In 1961, nutrient analysis expanded to include silicate, nitrate and nitrite; in 1973, chlorophyll was added; in 1984, C14 primary productivity incubations were added; and in 1993, CTD profiling began. Please refer to the Data Edits & Updates page for changes to data files or formats.

>> Hydrographic Data - 1949 to Latest Update - tabulated bottle data from specific depths

CalCOFI Data Reportsdreport


Hydrographic Bottle


Primary Productivity




Spatial Pattern Figures

description       description       description       description      
example       example       example       example      
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* Latest update: Through cruise 201611.

Database Ready Filesdreport


MS Access MDB


CSV - Btl / Cast Files


XML - Btl / Cast Files


SQL - Btl / Cast Files

14 Table - 50 MB Zip •       MDB Output - 38 MB Zip •       MDB Output - 50 MB Zip •       MDB Output - 45 MB Zip •      
example       example       example       example      
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* Latest update: Through cruise 201611.  Column Definitions for Cast and Bottle Tables

IEH Archive Filesdreport


IEH 128 Column

download •                              
* Latest update: Through cruise 201607.

>> CTD Data - 1992 to Latest Update - 1m Bin-averaged CTD sensor data; SBE processed & bottle-corrected

CTD Zip Filesdreport


CTD Data


Data Descriptions


SBE Formats


CalCOFI Formats

latest final 1701       final       final asc - hdr       final csv-plot      
latest prel. 1711       preliminary       preliminary asc - hdr       preliminary csv-plot      
browse all       cast       cast       metadata      
* Latest update: 27Nov2017: CalCOFI 1711SR Cast Data; 1711SR preliminary CTD+Bottle; 1701RL FinalQC bottle-corrected CTD data & plots posted

>> Net Sampling - Bongo Net Displacement Volumes

Online Databasesdreport


MacroZooplankton Biomass Data


Data Zoo






Pelagic Invert DB

Wet displacement volume from starboard side of Bongo Net•       CCE-LTER
CalCOFI Data •
      Ichthyoplankton Data •       Zooplankton Database•     Collection Search Form•
download       download, plot, filter •       SWFSC       Mark Ohman Lab •     SIO •
 * Latest update: all zooplankton data through 201607

>> Underway Sampling - Surface Data collected during transits; ADCP Acoustic Data; Visual Observations

 Underway Datadreport


ADCP, TSG & Meteorological




Mammal Observations


Bird Observations

Underway Data       SWFSC-FRD Egg Maps       Census       Census      
Information       Information       Census Log       Census Log      
* Latest update: 201601

Data Usage and Distribution Policy
CalCOFI hydrographic and plankton data are distributed to the community for use without restriction. Unless otherwise noted, these data can be considered final data which have been evaluated using CalCOFI data quality control procedures. Methods for data collection and processing are summarized in CalCOFI Data Reports introduction. To see the introduction or methods used on specific cruises, refer to the Data Report PDF page. Preliminary data from recent cruises for which the data processing is not complete are often made available. We ask that these preliminary data not be published or redistributed.

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