Summary: CalCOFI 1607OS sailed from 10th Ave Marine Terminal San Diego July 10 2016 at 0800PDT and returned as scheduled July 27 2016. Offloading started upon arrival to San Diego. 68 stations (60 standard and 8 SCCOOS stations) were successfully occupied. Please refer to the preliminary data plots web page and data links below for preliminary data.
The typical 75-station summer station pattern was scheduled but due to high winds and rough seas west of Pt. Conception, ~ 26 hours were lost. All of Line 80 stations were completed but several stations on Line 77 were missed as ship-time ran out due to weather delays and long transit times. Stations missed: 77.100, 77.70, 77.60, 77.55, 77.51, 77.49, SCCOOS 85.8 35.8.
Data Files: 1607OS Raw CTD Cast Files; FinalQC CTD+Bottle Data Files; Prelim. Horizontal Contour Plots
Cruise Instructions: Instructions Web Page  | NOAA Cruise Instructions PDF
Load Dates: 08 - 09 Jul 2016 (Fri-Sat), 10th Ave Marine Terminal, 1839 Water Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Cruise Dates: 10 - 27 Jul 2016 (Sun - Wed)
Offload Date: 27 Jul 2016 (day-of-return; Wed) at 10th Ave Marine Terminal, San Diego CA
Ship: RV Ocean Starr
Station plan: 75 Standard (66 CalCOFI + 9 SCCOOS)
Cruise Map: Actual cruise track, red stations were not occupied this cruise.
68 of 75 Stations
Contacts: Amy Hays, Chief Scientist, SWFSC-NOAA
  Dave Wolgast, Technical Coordinator, IOD SIO-CalCOFI
  Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast, IOD SIO-CalCOFI Volunteer Coordinator
Proposed station work: Seabird CTD / 24 bottle rosette cast (500m depth permitting)  
  CTD Sensors: Bottle Samples:
  Temperature (2 x SBE3+) Salinity
  Conductivity (2 x SBE4) Oxygen
  Oxygen (2 x SBE43) Nutrients
  Fluorescence (Seapoint) Primary Productivity
  Transmissomter (Wetlabs 0.25cm) Chlorophyll-a
  PAR (Biospherical) Phaeopigments
  pH (SBE18) HPLC
  ISUS Nitrate DIC-pH
  Altimeter LTER ancillary seawater samples
    Domoic Acid
Nets: CalBOBL(Bongo) net, 210m - all stations MANTA neuston net, surface tow - all stations
  Pairovet vertical net, 70m (coastal stations out to 70) PRPOOS vertical net, lines 80 & 90, 86.7 & 83.3 coastal only
Supplementary Data: ADCP, Jules (Julia M.) Hummon
  CUFES, Underway continuous surface and meterological measurements; fish egg survey
  EK60 Fisheries Acoustics, Dr Dave Demer
  Primary Productivity, Daily C14-uptake incubations
  Ancillary LTER , Plankton abundance, biomass, Chl a size fractionations, POC, DOC
  ALF, Advanced Laser Fluorometrics
  DIC, Dr Andrew Dickson
  pCO2 & pH, Dr Todd Martz
  NCOG, Dr. A. Allen
  Domoic Acid, Dr. C. Anderson
  Cetaceans and Avifauna, Visual and Acoustic Surveys


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