Project: CalCOFI 1701RL, Winter CalCOFI on NOAA RV Reuben Lasker

CalCOFI 1701RL sailed from 10th Ave Marine Terminal, San Diego Jan 05 2017 at 1300PST.
The cruise was split into two legs due to severe weather off California Jan 20-24.

  • Leg I Jan 05 - 20: RV Reuben Lasker completed 75 stations successfully before returning to San Diego ~1730PST Jan 20.
  • Leg II 25 - 29 Jan: RV Reuben Lasker departed 10th Ave Marine Terminal at 0900PST 25 Jan and transited N to survey Lines 73, 70, 67, & 63. Remaining shiptime limited RV Reuben Lasker to 8 coastal stations & transects on these lines. CUFES surveying for eggs and performing two CTD profile-only casts per line (no seawater samples).
Data files/links: 1701RL Raw CTD Cast Files; 1701RL FinalQC CTD+Bottle Data Files; Prelim. Horizontal Contour Plots
Instructions: CalCOFI 1701RL Cruise Instructions
Cruise Dates: Thursday, 05 Jan 2017 - Sunday, 29 Jan 2017
Loading: Early pre-holiday break loading: 19 - 21 Dec 2016
Tuesday, 04 Jan 2017 - Wednesday, 05 Jan 2017 morning; 10th Ave Marine Terminal, San Diego, CA
Offloading: 30 Jan 2017; 10th Ave Marine Terminal, San Diego, CA
Partiicpant Forms: NOAA Medical Forms - required for all cruise participants sailing Jan 05 2017
Ship: RV Reuben Lasker
Station plan: 104 Stations (95 CalCOFI + 9 SCCOOS) were scheduled and 83 (74 CalCOFI + 9 SCCOOS) were successfully occupied due to severe weather Jan 20-24. Green transit is Leg I returning to San Diego; Blue transits are Leg II N & S transits. Red stations were CUFES surveyed only during the transit south.
Cruise Map:
Contacts: Amy Hays, Chief Scientist, NMFS
  Dave Wolgast, IOD (SIO Technical Coordinator)
Proposed station work: Seabird CTD / 24 bottle rosette cast (500m depth permitting)
  CTD Sensors: Bottle Samples:
  Temperature Salinity
  Conductivity Oxygen
  Oxygen Nutrients
  Fluorescence Primary Productivity
  Transmissomter Chlorophyll-a
  PAR Phaeopigments
  ISUS Nitrate DIC
  Altimeter NCOG DNA/RNA
    LTER ancillary
  CalBOBL(Bongo) net, 210m - all stations
  MANTA neuston net, all stations
  PRPOOS vertical net, lines 80 & 90, 86.7 & 83.3 coastal only
  Pairovet vertical net, 100m (coastal stations only ( to 70)
  Supplementary Data:
  SCS, Underway continuous surface and meterological measurements
  Primary Productivity, Daily C14-uptake incubations
  Ancillary LTER , Plankton abundance, biomass, Chl a size fractionations, POC, DOC
  Fisheries Acoustics
  DIC, new 2014-17 24 station sampling pattern
  Seabirds , Visual Observations
  Cetaceans, Visual and Acoustic Surveys


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