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CalCOFI 1711SR

NOAA RV Bell M Shimanda

CalCOFI 1711SR  •  sailed on SIO RV Sally Ride Nov 09 & returned to San Diego 24Nov2017 (16 DAS); 74 stations were occupied, cruise summary & preliminary plots & data are available:
1711SR summary, plots, & data...

Announcement: CalCOFI 1704SH Final Cruise Instructions
Cruise Dates: Leg I: Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017 - ~Saturday 15 Apr 2017, San Diego to Monterey CA
  Leg II: ~Saturday 15 Apr - Friday 21 Apr 2017, Monterey to San Francisco CA
Loading: Saturday 25 Mar - Monday 27 Mar 2017 at 10th Ave Marine Terminal, San Diego, CA
Offloading: Friday 21 Apr - Sunday 23 Apr 2017 in San Francisco; location Pier30/32
Partiicpant Forms: NOAA Medical Forms - required for all cruise participants sailing 28 Mar 2017 or 15 Apr 2017
Ship: RV Bell M Shimada
Station plan: 104 Stations (95 CalCOFI + 9 SCCOOS)
Cruise Map:
Contacts: Amy Hays, Chief Scientist, NMFS
  Dan Schuller, IOD (SIO Technical Coordinator)
Proposed station work: Seabird CTD / 24 bottle rosette cast (500m depth permitting)
  CTD Sensors: Bottle Samples:
  Temperature Salinity
  Conductivity Oxygen
  Oxygen Nutrients
  Fluorescence Primary Productivity
  Transmissomter Chlorophyll-a
  PAR Phaeopigments
  ISUS Nitrate DIC
  Altimeter NCOG DNA/RNA
    LTER ancillary
  CalBOBL(Bongo) net, 210m - all stations
  MANTA neuston net, all stations
  PRPOOS vertical net, lines 80 & 90, 86.7 & 83.3 coastal only
  Pairovet vertical net, 100m (coastal stations only ( to 70)
  Supplementary Data:
  SCS, Underway continuous surface and meterological measurements
  Primary Productivity, Daily C14-uptake incubations
  Ancillary LTER , Plankton abundance, biomass, Chl a size fractionations, POC, DOC
  Fisheries Acoustics
  DIC, new 2014-17 24 station sampling pattern
  Seabirds , Visual Observations
  Cetaceans, Visual and Acoustic Surveys


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