• TSG = 7/13-8/3 NAV = 7/14-8/1
  • No Fluorescence Data
  • TSG File not formatted properly.  Using Excel sort crop cut paste =MOD(ROW(),2) was helpful.
  • Excel mangles time, reformat to HHMMSS
  • NAV file rows are inconsistent, ~30-40 seconds per record, and the lat long data format is crap, deliminate, and math it to decimal degrees.
  • ~60k TSG records ~1 million NAV records need matlab to resample NAV see .m file
  • NAV and TSG raw.txt cropped to same start and finish
  • NAV GPS clock didn't update correctly, several times at midnight date didnt roll over
  • consult 0907M2.m file for details of import
  • it is assumed that in the TSG file t1 is a SBE 38, while t2 is SBE 45, t1 more more spiky t2 had better regression correlation
  • No apparent flow rates, assuming all data are valid.

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