R/V Oceanus CalCOFI Deck & Lab Setup (click on any image for higher resolution)

3 Van Setup: CUFES & LTER Multipurpose Van on Main Deck, IOD Rad-Chl Van on 01; (2 van setup: IOD & Multipurpose vans only)
Marine Mammals Acoustic Winch Setup  
Marine Mammal Acoustics Winch on starboard side or centered under the A-Frame  
Recent additions to CalCOFI Cruises (see prospectus for scheduled station work):
One 3500m CTD deep casts on station 90.0 90.0 (lat 31.418, lon -121.990) & optionally on 80.0 90.0 (lat 33.150, lon -123.221, time-permitting).
9 – 20m isobath SCCOOS stations are integrated into the 66 standard station pattern. 20m bottom depth determines station location ie requested lat-lon position may change slightly due to tidal or bottom variability.
Acoustic calibration (when scheduled) - performed on San Diego Bay (Harbor Island anchorage) by the acoustics group at the beginning of the cruise, taking 4-5 hours. The acoustics calibration team is shuttled ashore by small boat or water taxi.
Marine mammal acoustic array deployments during daylight hours. Using the small SeaMac winch & gunwale roller, marine mammal personnel deploy the acoustic array as we leave daylight stations at ~4kts.