RV Roger RevelleRV Roger Revelle is a 274-foot (83 meter) AGOR 24-class research ship operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a graduate division of the University of California, San Diego. SIO Ship Information Page.

The RV Roger Revelle is the second of three oceanographic ships built by the U.S. Navy for oceanographic institution operations. Construction began in early 1993, launched in April of 1995, and sailed on her maiden voyage from Mississippi to San Diego in July, 1996. The 1996 October CalCOFI cruise, 9610RR, was the first research cruise on RV Roger Revelle.

RV Revelle has a cruising speed of 12 knots and carries 22 crewmembers and 37 scientists.

In-Port, MarFac Phone Number: 858-534-1647; Cell phone: 858-242-6717

At sea Fleet Broadband: 011 - 870 773 150 886 or At sea Iridium: 011 - 8816 3143 2006

The ship is named for Prof. Roger R. D. Revelle (1909-1991), a distinguished university researcher and professor, the officer in charge of the oceanographic section of the Bureau of Ships (now Naval Sea Systems Command), a creator of the Office of Naval Research and head of its Geophysics Section, and a director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Prof. Revelle was one of the first scientists to identify the issues of carbon dioxide emissions, the "Greenhouse Effect" and global warming.

Information and Specifications

Navigational Capabilities


Title held by U.S. Navy. Operated agreement with Office of Naval Research.


In case of emergency a MarFac responsible person can be reached as follows:

Nimitz Marine Facility: 858-534-1644 during regular workdays (Monday through Friday, 0800-1700).
Marine Facility Guard: 858-534-1639 at other times

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