Decommissioned in June 2014: NOAA RV McArthur II was acquired from the U.S. Navy in 2002 and was converted by NOAA from a T-AGOS surveillance vessel to a multiple-disciplinary platform capable of a broad range of missions. As was it's predecessor, the McArthur, the McArthur II is named after William Pope McArthur. The vessel was operated by NOAA's Office of Marine and Aviation Operations. (NMAO), and was home ported at NOAA's Marine Operations Center, Pacific (MOP), in Seattle, Washington.

The ship conducted oceanographic research and assessments, throughout the eastern Pacific, including the U.S. West Coast, Central and South America. The McArthur II was involved in studies in several of the National Marine Sanctuaries on the west coast of the United States. The 224-foot ship engaged in measurements of chemical, meteorological, and biological sampling for several large scale programs within NOAA.

The McArthur II carried a complement of 5 officers, 17 crew members and up to 15 scientists. The scientists who carry out research aboard the McArthur II came from many divisions of NOAA, as well as other Federal and state government agencies, and academia.


  • Length: 224 ft.
  • Breadth: 43 ft.
  • Draft: 15 ft.
  • Displacement: 2301 tons
  • Cruising Speed: 10.5 knots
  • Range: 8000 nm
  • Endurance: 30 days
  • Commissioned Officers: 4
  • Licensed Engineers: 3
  • Crew: 17
  • Scientists: 14/15 (max, 14 when we go International due to addition of PHS Officer)
  • Hull Number: R-330
  • Call Letters: WTEJ
  • Builder: Tacoma Boatbuilding Company, Tacoma, WA
  • Delivered to Military Sealift Command: December 1982
  • Transferred to NOAA: November, 2002
  • Commissioned: May 20, 2003

Speed & Endurance

  • Cruising Speed: 11 knots
  • Range: 8,000 nmi
  • Endurance: 45 days
  • Endurance Constraint: Stability

Scientific Refrigerators And Freezers

  • Wet Lab Freezer-80 °F
    • Property of SWFSC. The ship has a MOU with the lab. It is currently kept aboard ship in the wet lab and is available for scientific use.
    • Volume: 32 cu. ft.
  • Oceo lab refrigerator
    • Manufacturer: RSP Ind.
    • Volume: 4 cu. ft.
  • Dry Lab Freezer-10 °F
    • Manufacturer: Whirlpool
    • Volume: 21.7 cu. ft.


  • Single staterooms: 18
  • Double staterooms: 8
  • Quadruple staterooms: 1
  • Total bunks: 38

Food Service Seating Capacity

  • Crew's mess: 16

Medical Facilities

  • Emergency and first-aid equipment, administered by trained vessel personnel.


  • Commissioned officers: 5
  • Licensed engineers: 4
  • Crew: 13
  • Scientists: Up to 15


  • E-mail Address
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Country: USA

NODC Code:

    Call Sign: WTEJ
Owner: NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations
Operator: NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations
Address: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1315 Easr-Weat Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282
Year Built: 1985
Ship URL: Link to Ship Home Page
Length OA: 68.3 m
Breadth: 13.1 m
Freeboard to working deck: Unknown
Max. draft: 4.6 m