Station Operations

Scientific operations on CalCOFI cruises are scheduled 7/24 - around the clock 7 days a week. Scientists, technicians, and volunteers typically work 12hr shifts scheduled from noon to midnight or midnight to noon. In good weather, the ship transits at ~10kts to minimize ship noise in the fisheries acoustics data. Transits between stations 20nm (nautical miles; eg. 93.50 to 93.55) apart take ~2hrs; transits between stations 40nm apart (eg. 93.60 to 93.70) take ~4hrs at 10kts (1 'station unit' = 4nm). But transit times between stations are heavily influenced by sea state. Station time averages ~2.5 hours but vary depending on CTD cast depth & other station activities.

General Station Activities     |     General Seawater Sampling

Longer stations are:

Shorter stations are:

Each standard CalCOFI station usually includes the following (move mouse over image for description):

CTD & 24 bottle rosette Bongo Zooplankton Net Manta neuston net Pairovet vertically towed net PRPOOS Vertically-towed net
24-10L Bottle CTD-Rosette  Bongo w/ LOPC Net Manta Net Pairovet Vertical Net PRPOOS Vertical Net
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